Large Dip Angle Corrugation Conveyor Belt

Large Dip Angle Corrugation Conveyor Belt

Classification : According to coverage performance: Common type, heat tolerant type, oil-resistant type, wear-resistant type, acid and alkali resistant type,food type, anti-statistic type, fire-resistance type, etc.
Usage: Used for steel works, mining, power plant, cement plant, harbor terminal and tunneling project etc.
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    Large angle corrugated sidewall conveyor belt is also called skirt partition belt, is composed of baseband, baffle and diaphragm 3 parts. From the flange to prevent the material sliding scattered effect.

Structure Diagram for Steel Corrugation Conveyor Belt


Types and schematic diagram of wave side


Types and schematic diagram of corrugated sheet 


Schematicdiagram of base belt




1. Increase the transmission angle (30~90 degrees);

2. Covers small area, less investment;

3. The volume of transport, improve the height is higher;

4. From the level to tilt (or vertical) to a smooth transition;

5. Suitable for conveying easily scattered powder, granular and small shape, paste and liquid material;

6. Low energy consumption, simple structure, high strength, long service life.



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Specification and technical parameter


Baseband Width:400-2000mm


Recommended Min. Pulley Dia. of Conveyor


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This large dip angle corrugation conveyor belt is widely used in ports, wharf, metallurgy, mining, electricity, coal, foundry, building materials, food and other fields, can use a variety of bulk materials to 0° and 90°obliquity conveying.large-dip-angle-corrugation-conveyor-belt-case






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