Pipe Conveyor Belt

Pipe Conveyor Belt

Classification : According to different carcass reinforcement, Fabric pipe belt (short length,low belt tension rating), Steel cord pipe belt(long length,high belt tension rating); According to different cover rubber, Ambient low wear,acid/alkali resistant,heat resistant,flame resistant,energy saving low rolling resistance.
Usage: Mainly used for materials airtight transportation
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Structure Diagram for Pipe Conveyor Belt


Pipe Conveyor Belt Cross Section



1. A well-rounded solution for securing materials over the long haul.Minimizing dust pollution keep environment clean.

2. Easily conforms to existing environment by going ups and downs and making turns,occupies less land.

3.It can have large lift angle.Materials can be conveyed at both upper(carry)and lower(return)branches.


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Recommend Technical Parameter


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Pipe conveyor belt is widely used in aggregate, cement, hard rock, power generation, steel production.
The main application are Overland Belts, Pit Belts, Slope Belts, Any High Abuse Application.

pipe-conveyor-belt-application 1.1




Pipe Conveyor Belt in Use

pipe-conveyor-belt-case 1.1

pipe-conveyor-belt-case-1 1.1 

pipe conveyor 4


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