During the mining operations, the design for traditional transportation equipment is based on the experience. This design method can't estimate what working condition the conveying equipment will expect in the coal mine’s life, such as the internal different types of material, the running effect of air humidity and running conditions. It also does not have a scientific and quantitative method to help customers find out the wear position so as to protect the conveyor equipment. Tests can only be performed after the transportation equipment are put into operation in the field.


 The weakness of traditional design

  • 1. Unclear operating range
  • 2. Transshipment point malfunction
  • 3. Expensive cost for emergency measures
  • Unclear operating range

Because of bad design often bringing heavy losses to the production and the limitations of traditional design, mining companies have to bear these additional high costs. Therefore, it's necessary to get innovative design method of mining materials conveying equipment.

Innovative Design

Innovative Design provides a traditional designs lacked tools for conveyor equipment design engineers when it is correctly applied: a virtual test and troubleshooting method for the transportation equipment before it being put into production. In a word, the innovative design has the following advantages: 

  • Reduce risks and improve planning
  • Confidence-deemed design