The technology of abroad belt conveyor develops very fast, which mainly manifests in two aspects: On the one hand, it refers to the diversification of belt conveyor function and the magnification of applied range, such as high angle conveyor, pipe belt conveyor, space curved belt conveyor and other type conveyors. On the other hand, there has been a tremendous development in the own technology and equipment of belt conveyor, especially that large-scale belt conveyor with long distance, large load capacity and high belt speed has become the main direction of developing. Its core technology is applied into belt conveyor dynamic analysis and monitoring, which greatly improving the operating performance and reliability of belt conveyor.


Currently, the key technology and equipment of belt conveyor used underground coal mine has the following features:

  •   Larger-sized equipment.Both its main technical data and equipment develop towards large-scale to meet the requirements of high yield and high efficiency intensive production with 3-5 million annual yield.
  •   Advanced technology. Adopting dynamic analysis technology and mechanical & electrical integration, etc., belt conveyor has good operating performance and high conveying efficiency, greatly lowering the active tension of conveying belt.
  •   Strong reliability.Using multi-motor driving, center drive, power balance and other technology, conveyor operating length will be restricted in theory and ensure the universality, inter-convertibility and reliability of conveying system equipment.
  •   New-style and high-reliability key components technology.For example, the advanced high-power driving device with CST, high-speed roller with long lifespan, self-cleaning pulley device, high-efficiency belt storage device, self-advancing tail device with fast speed and so forth.