Classification : Idler/Roller
Usage: Rollers are an important part of belt conveyor, and comprise up to a quarter of the cost of a conveyor. As such, the quality of the rollers will directly impact the conveyor’s economic performance.
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Sorting by the material:
1. Standard roller        2. SS antimagnetic roller    3. Ceramic coated roller    4. UHMWPE roller     5. Impact roller    6. Polymer lagged roller    7. Nature rubber lagged roller    8. Wear-resistant roller    9. Light-weight aluminum roller 10. Anticorrosion nylon roller
Sorting by the function:
1. Standard trough idler     2. Standard flat idler     3. Various training idlers     4. Various impact idlers    5. Offset trough idlers    6. Various V idlers    7. Spiral cleaning roller    8. Comb cleaning roller  
Features and Structure
Our company’s rollers are designed with reasonable structure to guarantee the performing life. They can keep working under a temperature of -40℃-70℃ and a bad environment of dust and rain.


Our company’s rollers are dust-proof and water-proof and all tolerances exceed national standards. They have lower TIR (≤0.3mm), lower rotating resistance (≤0.002), and longer service life (30,000 hours damage rate ≤8%). 
Product Components Material




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Product Properties


Roller Diameter – Bearing Series


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 Rollers in Application

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