Counterweight device of belt conveyor:

When installing counterweight device, Zhongyueda suggests to make sure the parallelism between two columns, and make sure its perpendicularity at the same time. Considering the safety, protective barrier should be installed timely after installation of counterweight device.

mine belt conveyor 1

Bracket of belt conveyor:

Before installation, the center line and bracket setting position should be confirmed. If with embedded iron, installation should be adjusted according to the position of embedded iron, and each bracket should be welded firmly.

Pulleys and rollers of belt conveyor:

Pulley and rollers installation should check rotating situation of bearing parts, if the rotating is not flexible, please repair or exchange timely. Driving pulley and bending pulley still need to be adjusted when debugging, and its bolt tightening torque should be 75%~80% of final tightening torque.