The belt conveyors that use rollers to support the conveyor belts have already been widely used in our country. But the bearing form is intermittent contact bearing, which causes the vibration when conveying materials with bigger transportation resistance. In order to overcome these shortages, Zhongyueda Conveyor is devoted to researching new type belt conveyor, constantly launching air cushion conveyor, magnetic cushion conveyor and water cushion conveyor. Their common characteristics non-contact continuous bearing.

Apart from the part about air cushion formation, the structure of air cushion belt conveyor is similar with the one of general belt conveyor, that’s to say, air cushion belt conveyor contains the blower, connecting line, gas tank and so on, removing most of the bearing rollers.

air cushion conveyor 6

Air cushion belt conveyor can meet the transportation requirements for special materials. The blast capacity of blower is enough to meet the air consumption of air cushion type belt conveyor, and can fill the gas tank within several seconds to reach enough pressure intensity for forming air cushion. Even if the materials on belt are intermittent, conveyor still works normally because pressure air always needs to expel from air hole of gas tank, without affecting the air cushion at bearing point. Because the pressure of air is bigger than the gravity of materials, with the addition that air has certain speed, fine powder materials will not enter air cushion space for gas tank and conveyor belt abrasion. Moreover, air cushion belt conveyor can also adopts the closed circulating air chamber to meet the conveying requirements of toxic materials, such as chemicl field and medical industry, etc.