Roller is one of the most important parts of belt conveyor, so its performance can determine the performance of whole belt conveyor.



To be specific, the influence shows as follows:

  • 1. The rotating resistance of roller can determine the rotating power of belt conveyor.
  • 2. The combination property of roller can not only determine the lifespan of itself, but also determine the using life of the whole belt conveyor at the same time. 
  • 3. The diameter runout index of roller can determine the operating condition of belt conveyor.
  • 4. The protective performance of roller can determine the using environment and condition of belt conveyor, and the lifespan of roller.

Thus it can be seen that rollers play the vital role in the using process of belt conveyor, so producing high quality belt conveyor rollers is the significant step in the producing process of belt conveyor. The high or low level of assembling technology in the process of producing rollers, determining the final performance of rollers is good or not, is the priority among priorities of good or bad performance of whole belt conveyor.

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