For the off tracking phenomenon of belt conveyor, users need to take some corresponding countermeasure to adjust, and the key is to eliminate the unbalance driving force from both sides of belt and yawing force. For the off tracking caused by installation errors, the first thing is to eliminate installation errors and rebind the belt joint if needed; then adjust the deformed shape of machine, and rein-stall if severe deformation. 


For the off tracking during the operating, adjustment methods show as follows:

  •   Adjust the idlers
  • When the belt of conveyor is off tracking during running, it is necessary to adjust idlers position. In order for convenient adjust, the installation holes on both sides of roller holder should be processed to long holes.
  •   Adjust driving pulley and bend pulley position
  • The adjustment of pulley is important link for belt conveyor off tracking adjustment. The installation position axis of all pulleys in belt conveyor must be perpendicular to center line of conveyor length direction, if the deflection is too big, off tracking will certainly happen. Usually, due to the limited adjustment distance of driving pulleys, the axial lead of driving pulley should be adjusted to be perpendicular to center line of conveyor length direction, and then utilizing the spiral to tension device for adjusting bend pulley position. This method can be used to effectively eliminate the off tracking caused by belt slack and rack skew.
  •   Install the aligning idlers
  • When conveying belts are off tracking at the center of whole belts, Zhongyueda advises to install the aligning idlers to avoid the deviation. The principle of this deviation is to use the turning rollers within horizontal plane or generate lateral thrust to adjust belt to prevent deviation. This method is suitable for the situation that whole length of belt conveyor is shorter or belt conveyor runs bidirectional operation, because shorter conveyor is easier for off tracking but not easy to adjust. While for long belt conveyor, you’d better not use this method because using aligning idlers may produce certain influence on belt using life
  •   Tension adjustment
  • According to tension mode, it can be divided: weight tension device (including tail weight tension and middle weight tension), mechanical tension (spiral tension). The specific adjustment method of belt off tracking is similar with the adjustment at pulleys.
  •   Dropping material position adjustment
  • Usually, in belt conveyor system, dropping material position has a great effect on belt off tracking. If possible, the relative altitude of both belt conveyors should be increased in the process of installation. Besides, in order to reduce or avoid belt off tracking, striker plate should be increased to prevent materials and change materials dropping direction and position.

Effective deviation prevention and rectification can not only protect belt conveyor, but also improve conveying belt lifespan and production efficiency of port discharge.