When belt conveyor runs, its driving device, driving pulley, bend pulley and idlers will emit abnormal noise if running abnormally. Users can estimate the breakdown of equipment according to the abnormal noise.



The noise when rollers have serious deviation. Rollers sometimes make abnormal noise, accompanied with periodical vibration, when belt conveyor runs. Especially for the backhaul rollers, its longer length, heavy weight makes bigger noise. There are two main reasons for noise: wall thickness of seamless steel tube made for rollers is uneven, so its centrifugal force is bigger; in processing, both ends bearings hole center has relatively large errors compared with center of ex-circle, which makes centrifugal force too big. If the bearings not broken and allowing noise exists, it can be used continuously.

The noise when both sides of coupling are not homocentric. Abnormal noise, from coupling with brake wheel coupling or at the end of a high speed motor and gear drive, is also associated with the same frequency vibration motor rotation. When this noise appears, users need to adjust the motor reducer position timely, avoiding the breakage of input axis of reduction gears.

The abnormal noises come from bend pulley and driving pulley. When bend pulley and driving pulley run normally, the noise is very small. This abnormal noise is often caused by bearing damages, and rattled bearing reminds users to change bearing.